Long awaited… BATTERY life review! UPDATE

20 10 2009

To start with, I have to tell you that all you have read about battery life is either BIASED, or tested with an unprofessional approach – all new batteries new some treatment, with prolonged charging being the least. Basically, the battery is not full when the phone says so, which is after about 2 hours. I recommend charging for at least 10 hours for the first few times. If you don’t do it, it will take longer for your battery to reach it’s full potential and it’s likely to behave badly in the future (worse than the properly treated one).

Having completed few of these cycles myself, I am confident my battery is fully charged and stores the maximum charge, and so I can tell you how long it lasts and what you can expect from it. However, bear in mind, that some of these are approximations are just… approximations πŸ™‚ Particularly the ones with low usage.

So to start with, I have to tell you that battery level indicator is not controlled by Sony Ericsson software, but by Symbian. This is very crucial. In most Sony Ericsson phones, the battery indicator underestimates the charge left in the battery e.g. if you use your phone heavily for long time, phone estimates battery drainage and when the battery level becomes low and you decide to leave the phone, after few mins the battery level goes back up, by 20, often 30%. Underestimation is a good thing though, as it protects you from losing contact from civilisation! πŸ™‚

Symbian devices are different… In Symbian you don’t get the exact % of battery life. All you see is the battery level indicator on the home screen. Β Basically, that indicator says the battery is full for a very, very long time… And that is not true. I’m predicting it does it until the battery level is about 40%. Basically, when you notice your phone battery is not full, start saving, as you don’t have left what it says, but at most half of it.

Ok, so when it comes to actual battery life, in y opinion 1000mAh Lithium-Polymer battery Sony Ericsson has supplied us with is 100% sufficient. It will allow you to use your phone for about 2-3 days of medium use. When you are a type that uses the phone all the time, for taking pictures, calling, listening to music, browsing the internet, then you can expect a full day, but no more than that. Unless to use your phones extremely hardly, you shouldn’t run of of power during the day.

If you use your phone moderately (like me), the phone should last a day and a half (for example I don’t do much calling πŸ˜› ). Β Nevertheless, I still recommend charging your phone daily overnight.

Anyway, you shouldn’t run of of power during the day, as most reviewers are suggesting. This is 100% black marketing. And if you really are an extreme user – you watch few movies a day, you shot a lot of videos and you play 3D games all the time, then yes, you will have to carry CPP-100 or a spare battery with you πŸ˜› But that would be the case with ANY device I think.

P.S. Battery life is FAR better than iPhones. Sony Ericsson uses some (unknown to me) software tweaks to improve the battery life. I think everyone will agree they they are the market leader when it comes to battery life. Β And I believe there more to it than just high quality Lithium-Polymer batteries (everyone else uses Lithium-Ion). Just look at some mid-range Nokia device, and mid-range Sony Ericsson.. with same battery capacity and also very similar set of features. Sony Ericsson is FEW times better when it comes to battery life, but as I said, I don’t know the details of the tweaks they use πŸ™‚

Nevertheless, once again, Sony Ericsson didn’t disappoint us when it comes to battery life πŸ™‚ (and not only with that πŸ˜‰ )

UPDATE: I just want to add that I am not a battery saver type, and all my settings, including screen brightness, have been at maximum all the time πŸ™‚




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21 10 2009

CPP-100 has been ordered πŸ˜› Thanks for the good review. The first few days with my Satio are gonna suck! πŸ˜›
First I can use it till the battery dies. Then I’m gonna put the invisibleshield on and let in on there for 24 hours with the phone off! Then I’m gonna plug the phone in and charge it for 16 hours. :S Gonna be a longgggggggg wait without the phone 😦 Especially since I still havent gotten it 😦

21 10 2009

is it recomended to turn off the phone while charging it fully the first times? or does it charge just as well while having it turned on – and perhaps even speak in it?

please make some battery benchmarks if u can spare hours from your satio…

put the satio in flightmode and see how many hours of movie watching u can get on a full charge (if u dont want to watch u can put one movie on it and use the repeat function, and try to notice when it dies)… and do the same test but by browsing websites nonstop with wifi…

such tests can be very interresting πŸ™‚

21 10 2009

I will do some proper benchmarks later on πŸ™‚ It’s just that I a a bit busy and people want to hear a bit about everything πŸ™‚
P.S. You can use it while charging, as you’re still providing more charge than you’re using i.e. you’re still charging it πŸ™‚

21 10 2009
Filippe Domenico

Hi Piotr, im from the Riks blog :X huuhhu πŸ™‚
I want to ask you; The touchscreen to play games, is good on touch or some times is a little “nonresponding”?
Because i’m a little concern about the Screen and the OS. All sites of reviews I see, say’s the Satio is a disaponiment =(
And I’m concern about to spend €599 if the phone is not that good 😦

So now, you have the phone and give me a “user” feedback please πŸ™‚

Thanks πŸ™‚

21 10 2009

Hi Filippe, I recognise you very well πŸ™‚
Actually, I really have no idea why would any review be disappointed with Satio. From user point of view, it really is excellent. Perhaps there isn’t anything that would blow you away (apart from the camera), I mean there’s nothing that new or revolutionary. Satio is just a collection of the best features of different manufacturers. Sony Picture quality, Nokia OS felexibity, Apple user experience etc. And having Satio that, it’s still very Sony Ericsson! All is adapted! To be honest, I don’t see ANY device that could fight with Satio… Pixon12 is no way near as nice. And Satio really has great quality added on top of everything else. You really won’t be disappointed.
When it comes to games, I will do a short review tonight πŸ™‚ Basically, touch games are good, to some extend. But in all cases, the screen is responsive. I will give more details later πŸ™‚

21 10 2009
Filippe Domenico

Thanksss Piotr πŸ™‚
I wait for your reviews πŸ˜‰

24 10 2009

Does your satio battery heat up while using?

26 10 2009

Where can we buy another 1000mah Satio battery? I want to be fully prepared πŸ™‚

I just received my Satio today and kind of messed up the charging procedure. At first I plugged in the Satio to my computer with the phone off. Then I read online that it is advised that we kill the power first then charge it for 10-16 hours, kill it, fill it, etc…

Problem is, when I first charged it (around 15-20 minutes) does that affect the battery or weaken it in any way?

26 10 2009

Monaco, you can’t buy 1000mAh one, but you can buy 950mAh one, not much difference πŸ™‚ And if you look well, you can find it at a bargain price.
Regarding your current battery, don’t worry, it will be fine πŸ™‚ The most important bit is long charging via mains for the first couple of times πŸ˜‰

26 10 2009

Ah I see. Thanks for the reassurance.

Does the 950mah spare battery happen to be the bst-33?

26 10 2009

Yes, that’s exactly the one. Actually, Satio’s one is also BST-33.
So there are 3 capacities with this name: 900, 950 and 1000 mAh. Go for 950 πŸ™‚

26 10 2009

haha you are awesome!

Man my Satio is so amazing so far, I’m just happy watching videos and listening to music on it, I came from a Japanese flip phone from 3 years ago so it wasn’t “smart” All of these new functions are very fun. I’ll eventually get around to setting up my apps and all that, I visited a couple websites on wifi but the functions were so limited. I think I may try out opera mini new beta version.


26 10 2009

Wow, thanks Monaco πŸ™‚
I agree, Satio is so awesome! I was very enthusiastic about it, but it has actually exceeded my expectations πŸ˜‰
And DON’T go for Opera Mini. It really is crap… especially they keyboard… 100x worse than Satio generic.
BTW, remember to increase your vibration feedback in profile settings πŸ™‚
At level 3 it’s awesome πŸ™‚

27 10 2009

I’m getting a lot of laggy and unresponsiveness, I’m still hanging in there but its difficult for me to see a brand new phone doing this.

There are alot of issues with the my songs and videos not readable on the phone. Today I put in a couple videos, the simpsons movie and a theatrical trailer, both in mp4 mode but the trailer wasn’t able to be viewed, now the only thing my phone can read is the family guy movie i put in there but not even the videos that came with the satios can be read right now.

I think the phone confuses itself alot and the way this process works is way too complicated.

The method I’m using is “mass storage”, is it correct? Its the only way I can get the sd drive to show up on my computer.

While my phone is plugged into the mac, it often disconnects itself when I didnt even move anything. I think something is up…

Anybody getting these issues?

27 10 2009

Regarding disconnecting itself, it’s quite common. Basically new fastport needs some training. After that, works like a treat πŸ˜‰
I also had some trouble with mp4 files, I am not sure why though…
P.S. There is other way to access your SD card – go to PC suite mode and simply open a PC suite :p Has to be installed through the supplied SD card though…
There is occasional lag/unresponsiveness (not touch related though) with Satio. Particularly immediately after closing some heavy application. But it’s not that bad, I can live with that until firmware update πŸ™‚

27 10 2009

Yea seriously, its time for a firmware update already! Based on SE’s habits, when do you think we’ll get updated and fix the bugs anyways?

I have an issue getting a theatrical trailer in mp4 to play on my Satio, it says it is unable to read the file…but its play some of my other mp4’s just fine. Any take on whats going on?

27 10 2009

ohhhhh this sucks, the Satio does not recognize Chinese song titles…BOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Something that the ipod/iphone can do but not the Satio with walkman tech….I resent SE for this little tidbit that they missed out on.

28 12 2009

u were wrong,actually it supports chinese title one
just the encoding problem
there is a software call “convertz”
can convert the file name or even the details name to allow the phone to read

and, all symbian phone is liddat one.

28 10 2009

My Battery finished charging after 4.5 hours via USB. I safely removed the charger and put it back in, it charged for another 30 minutes and is now full. I tried it again but it appears to be full, is it really full or should I just keep charging it?

28 10 2009

Well, I’d recommend you keep charging it for few more hours, that way your battery will reach it’s full potential sooner (and you’ll have more charge with you initially πŸ™‚ )

28 10 2009

lol, this would be my second charge, after letting the battery die completely.

My first charge was horrible though, I was obssessed with getting the videos to work and I kept plugging it in and out, I have surely screwed up the battery life πŸ˜€

28 10 2009

no, it’s not that dramatical πŸ™‚ My main point was that if someone doesn’t charge the phone for long time in the first few day, the phone will die quickly and sol eave a bad initial impression πŸ™‚

30 10 2009

currently the majority of my battery life lasts 12-15 hours. I drain it at the end of the day for a full charging every night. I hope its life gets better.

30 10 2009

Hey Monaco, it’s unlikely it will get much better. Well, it will with the firmware update next week πŸ™‚
For now it sounds about right. I use my phone for about 8 hours a day, so Satio gives my about 2 days of battery life πŸ™‚
If that’s not enough for you, I recommend the BST-33 950mAh we discussed before, or if you have a bluetooth headset, CPP-100, but primerlily I recommend battery as: you have all that power instantly, 2. it has 50% better capacity 3. it’s much smaller 4. it;s cheaper :)\i got mine, genuine one, together with desk charger (this one was non-genuine), all for about GBP 5 πŸ˜› Pure bargain

5 06 2010

are you that sure it will give you 2 days?mine doesn’t even last 24hours of standby time..so disappointing..=(

31 10 2009

where did you get the 950mah? I can’t find any for that type of bargain, only prices I’ve found were around $40.

31 10 2009

Hi, this is what I bought πŸ™‚
Look for Grade A ones – these are 14 day money back guarantee returns to operators. In 99% of the cases they are never used πŸ™‚ In the remaining 1%, very little used.
So they are at bargain price, and they’re genuine! πŸ™‚

6 11 2009

hey piotr , i am planning to buy the satio… i saw some reviews talking about the applications like facebook , youtube , myspace and others . Do they work properly ??

7 11 2009

acctually they are talking about the applicatons which do not open, as they have shown it in the advertisements

14 11 2009

Hiya Piotr,

I was thinking of buying the Satio and had heard a few things so was just looking for some clarification.
-I’ve heard battery life is terrible and doesn’t last the day
-The phone freezes…A LOT (basically impossible to use)
-You can’t get applications onto it
-The internet is poor

I’m not sure whether these are rumours or actual facts. The battery life and freezing issues are particularly concerning. Is this just because the phone is new? Will these issues be ironed out, say, after Christmas?

Thanks very much

14 11 2009

Hi JT,
Well, I’ll try to be as objective as I can.
Battery life is not amazing, but I’ve never ended up ‘powerless’ during a day… Of course if I would use my phone ALL the time, I probably would, but that would be the truth with any phone I guess πŸ˜›
Regarding freezing.. Well, it did happen to me twice, and I already had my Satio for more than a month. Both of them happened during the first week though, so I guess that, just like with fastport, new components of the phone need some training to work properly πŸ˜›
Internet is excellent, although some heavy websites seem to be a little laggy. Opera Mobile 10 sort out this problem, but it’s keyboard is no way near as brilliant as the generic keyboard (the best keyboard I’ve ever used on a mobile phone, including physical QWERTY(i)es…
I am not quite sure about the applications though. I didn’t have any problems with them to be honest. I’ve installed Opera Mini, then Opera Mobile, as well as some .sis 3D games. No problems what so ever.
Regarding the general stability (e.g. little freezes i.e. 5s and less – yes, these do happen from time to time)), this will be ironed out in firmware updates. One of them is just on the horizon. BTW, that update will also significantly boost the battery life by some further software tweaks, as I’ve been told by a guy from Sony Ericsson development team during the Symbian Exchange and Exposition 2009 event.
I hope this helps
Best wishes
P.S. Really DO buy Satio. Well, it’s not perfect, but it is the best device I ever had in my life (and that’s considering the time it came out). The lat big device was N95 from Nokia. Satio is another legend, in my opinion at least πŸ˜‰

15 11 2009

Thanks a lot

I really like it! Trouble is, my parents don’t like the price tag! πŸ˜›


16 12 2009

Does anyone know if you can turn up the Sms/Call Vibrate? i can hardly feel it im my pocket at all.

16 12 2009

Hi Stewart,
To my knowledge, vibration levels can be changed in the profile settings πŸ™‚
I hope it helps

24 12 2009

hei piotr!
i wanted to ask you about the satio upgrades. how can i know if they’ve got an upgrade for the satio? do they say on the website or do i need to start the upgrade process and it will tell me automatically if my phone needs one?

25 12 2009

there used to be some feature on Satio itself allowing you to check it within seconds, however now the only option is to simply try it out through SEUS….
Sorry, but still… doesn’t take more than 2mins

8 01 2010

I got the Satio about 3 weeks ago. I was faulty, froze all the time. I got it replaced. It’s fine now. But the battery doesn’t even last a day. I charged it for over 10 hours the first few times.

19 01 2010

Hey ya, i was searching for a review on the battery life.

Was a k800i user, so i kinda thought that Satio will show the percentage value of battery life too. But as indicated in your review, it won’t right?

So shall I just charge it when battery runs low? Now, it’s a quarter of the battery bar that’s filled, but the colour remains green. Mhm, will it ever change to yellow/red like other SE phones?

Anyway, great review there! I was close to disappointment when there were negative feedbacks on Satio all around. What’s more, it is compared to Samsung Pixon 12. Seems like Samsung Pixon 12 wins over Satio. But I still think Sony Ericsson always stands out, right? =/

5 02 2010

Hey i recently bought my satio and every so often while trying to connect to t mobiles internet it will give me an error message saying Internet : no gateway reply, or something to that effect. Do you happen to know whats wrong with it?

5 02 2010

Hi, sorry, I have no solution. It is more to the OS and network rather than to the phone itself.
I’m on 3 network myself, and I’m having the same problems.
Simply, when the signal is temporarily lost, phone most often cannot reconnect by itself.
Trust me, i know how annoying this can be.

6 02 2010

That really is ridiculous, guess i’ll just have to learn to live with it. Thanks anyway.

4 03 2010


I my Satio is 9 days old. its an amazing phone! i have had no issues so far, except for 1 thing..

i dropped the phone by mistake…there is a 2cm line of dead pixels from the top left of the screen towards the center…no problems with the phone’s working, software malfunctions or hardware issues (like scratches, etc).

i wanted to know if there is any solution to this other than replacing the screen, because i dont think it will get covered under the warranty. how much would the replacement cost?
and also, could there be possibility of other damage to the cell due to the fall?

regarding the battery…i charged it for a couple of hours d first time…but was too excited…so used it the whole day..then after it almost drained i charged it overnight once..but havent since then…jus keep charging when the battery goes low and disconnect it when its full…if i charge it overnight from now on for a few days would there be any significant change in the functioning of the battry? i have already started doing this 2days ago and will continue it for an entire week.

my earlier phone was a k800i, which is still functioning. been using it for 3 years now. after six months from the time i bought it, had sum problems. the service center said it was a circuit damage due to liquid and it cannot be repaired. i stuck with the phone and used it as it was. been working fine, jus that for the past 6 months the battery doesnt last for a day..i have to charge it every night. could this mean that the BST-33 950mAh battery is losing its power holding capacity or is it the phone that is consuming the extra power? the reason i ask this is because i was wondering if i could use the battery as a spare for my Satio..in an earlier post i read that you said the 950mAh battery lasts longer than the 1000mAh one…is this true and how?


4 03 2010

Hi, regarding the 950mAh, it’s not true anymore, it was only true for the first couple of days, while the battery was training itself.
Regarding the screen, I’m afraid that it’s internal mechanical fault. I’m surprised that dropping it caused damage though. Nevertheless you’re right, it won’t be covered 😦

5 03 2010


well i was surprised myself to see the dead pixel line…but you wont believe what just happend today…i was returning from college…my satio was in my bag. i got a leather cell cover with the phone and always use it. when i reached home and checked my cell, there were these black lines around the white dead pixel line..like as if ink has spilled over or sumthing..i dont kno whether there is any leakage or anything of that sort. i can guarantee that there was no impact of any sort on the phone as it was safely stored in my bag. 😦

just had the following questions:

how much would it cost to get the screen fixed? and is it wise to repair it or go for a new piece altogether?

can the 950mAh be used on the Satio?
i dont kno if the battery is damaged though..suspecting my k800i is consuming too much power.

5 06 2010

just got a satio d other day and i was shocked coz the first time i charged it yesterday for like 8.30 in the morning to 3.30 pm and it was turned off that was the first time i charged it and around 4pm I turned it on and around 12noon the next day (which is today) the battery’s empty and it was just on standby mode! i was planning to get back to the store today and ask about it but i decided to check reviews first and bumped unto this site..so that explains it..im worried that if in case i would watch a 2 hour movie on that phone i will never get the chance to see the ending knowing the battery’s capacity..=( too bad..i was so excited about having this phone..can you please give me any suggestion as to what spare battery i could buy as a spare one..thanks a lot..

11 06 2010


Both my husband and I have the Satio. We both really love it.
I dont use it anywhere near him and I get 2 days out of my battery. My husband however is lucky to get a day. And his battery/phone gets really really hot. He runs road sync for his emails all day and has blue tooth on all the time could this be excessivly draining the battery? Has anyone else had problems with the battery/phone heating up

17 06 2010

Hi I have the same problem..my phone heats up even when I am not using it..it’s just stored in my bag when suddenly i felt something hot, it was my satio phone..but i think it was the battery that caused the phone to heat up..what I did was remove the battery and true enough the battery was really hot! why do you think is this so? isn’t this dangerous? i just bought my unit last december 09 and this happened already twice. And by the way the phone was just charged like 2 hours before it got really hot really hot and drained. And please take note that it wasn’t even used and it already lost 70% of its life. I took off the battery overnight.When i put it on it still had at least 30% life but after a few minutes, it got hot again and shut off..can anyone tell me what is wrong with my battery?

Also I noticed that this happens everytime I fail to lock my phone..do you think it has something to do with it? I am afraid that anytime while charging it will just explode, please no!

12 07 2010

hi have just bought sony errisson satio have just charge it 4 first time was not the full ten hours might only have been three when took it of charge phone came back on then went off left 4 a couple of hours swichted it back on then went off now cant get phone back on can u give me some tips please have i got to get a new battery

12 07 2010

thank u 4 the email but is this going to solve the problem with the battery i would i need to buy a new one

14 07 2010

Hey Piotr just concerned about the LAg that site talk ABOUT ON THIS PHONE IS IT TRUE and screen it is resistive and not a capacitive how is the response….

15 08 2010

I have had my Satio since October and absolutely love it… One of the best things I have ever bought. I couldn’t be without it now, it’s an extension of me *lol* The battery life is a bit of an issue but that’s the same for all touchscreen devices like this, they are after all pretty much a mini laptop and do so much. I simply bought a spare battery so I don’t have to worry abt my phone dieing or limit how much I use it during the day. It’s a fantastic device and if you hack it there is a world of applications available to open it up even further.

21 12 2010

hey guys, anyone know why my pc wont detect my satio? i get some pop out message from my pc that the device has been malfunctioned , please assist where possible. thanks πŸ™‚

23 12 2010

I have a unlocked Satio U1i from Vadafone. Do you know how to get the MMS settings for the AT&T network? The settings aren’t on the my phone.

4 01 2011

when i cahrge my satio and it full , and when i start using by three to four hours it tells me low battery.sometimes i see that the battery is very hot…. any solution

4 01 2011

my battery always gets very hot in my satio and always tell me low battery any solution

17 01 2011
ehab hafez

how to improve the battery of sony ericsson satio plzz i need helpe cuz i live in egypt and the sony ericsson here is so bad so i am in badlly needed : ((((

6 03 2011

i turned my satio on and all i got was awhite screen. It wont turn off or no other function will work. Is there a way to get the battery out of the phone . Mant thanks

7 04 2011

Hi steve
If you slide off the back cover the part below the camera cover you should be able to lift out the battery.

28 04 2011

hi, I’ve had my Satio since december 2010, but since a month or so the overnight charge I’ve been doing every night ins’t enough, it indicates it’s not fully charged after a full night. it lasts about 3 hours, then it shuts itself down. if I leave it to charge untill it indicates green (fully charged) it lasts about 3,5 hours. now yesterday I bought a new battery, the original was 950MaH the new one is 900MaH but the problem is still exactly the same. I’ve got two chargers, one is the original, the other from my old phone. but it doesn’t matter which one I use the problem remains the same.. what can I do??

28 04 2011

Januari 2010* not December 2010

12 05 2012
Osei Jacob

This is really true and everyone must follow the instructions.

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